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Nanahii • Atelier

✿ Nanamochi's lovely flower friends club band ✿ • loyalty card

✿ Nanamochi's lovely flower friends club band ✿ • loyalty card

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✦ Join Nanamochi's lovely flower friends club band by requesting this card.

✦ Add this card to your order before checking out (not to be ordered alone and only one per customer).

✦ Only to be ordered once since spots are limited~

✦ Meet the mail protectors, they are my flower OCs: Daisy, Tulip, Lily, Rose, Lion and Flower Imposter. They are in charge of taking care of your order in the way from my home to yours. Every order placed in my store will therefore come with a little flower sticker, collect them to fill the 6 slots in order to claim an exclusive reward!

✦ Stickers will be given out at random so you might end up with repeat stamps in your card but that's totally okay, you will only need to collect 6 stickers total to claim your reward.

✦ Once your card is filled, send me an e-mail with a picture of the card and your order numbers (make sure to save those!) and I will send you the prize home~

✦ There is no time limit for this, even if I eventually change the design, this card will always be valid when completely filled.

✦ Have fun completing your card~!

Reward: Exclusive Almendra (OC) wooden pin + holo sticker♥

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