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The one who stays • original manga book

The one who stays • original manga book

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✦ The one who stays is an original comic about 'M' and the carefree life she decided to live.

  •-M lives alone in the city with her cat.

Cat is the only one she lets in her life and her heart because, unlike humans, cats can't tell lies.
However, she will soon meet a human being who will make her rethink all those rules she decided such a long time ago and she will have to choose between protecting herself or breaking free to live a new adventure.-•

✦ PG-13 [smoking, mild references to sex]

✦ Language: English / Spanish

✦ Size: 5" x 7.2" (12.8 x 18.2cm)

✦ 88 pages

✦ Perfect binding

✦ B&W interior

✦ Thank you very much for looking!! ✦

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