Pin grading

About general grading

Sometimes I receive defective merch that I sell at a discounted price. I divide my merch in three grades: A (standard quality), B (minor defects) and C (major defects). The price will be decided in accordance to the level of imperfection.

About pin grading

Since enamel pins are made completely by hand it is quite rare to find an absolutely perfect unit. For this reason, I check all my pins and divide them in different grades. Keep reading to find out more about grades before purchasing~

Grade A

This is the standard pin and also the best quality I offer. There are no defects at plain sight taking into account the perfect pin does not exist given its handmade nature. All my pins are grade A unless stated otherwise. Some of the defects they might have are:

     • Light scuffs or scratches on metal / enamel

     • Small specks, dots or bubbles on the pin

     • Slightly low or uneven fills

     • Slightly misaligned screenprinting

     • Larger imperfections on the back or the side of the pin (not on the front)

Grade B

Grade B pins have flaws I consider important enough to be sold at a discounted price. They can have one or more of the following defects:

     • Minor defects on visually important areas (like the face)

     • Noticeable smudges or stains on the metal / enamel

     • Obvious scratches on the metal / enamel

     • Obvious uneven enamel fills

     • Oxidization of the metal

     • No glitter / glitter overflow

Grade C

Grade C pins have bigger flaws or an important combination of the flaws listed under grade A and B pins. These are the least perfect pins and therefore the most discounted ones. Some of the bigger defects they might have are:

     • Major defects on visually important areas (like the face)

     • Completely unfilled enamel areas

     • Heavy oxidization of the metal

     • Bent pin needle on the back

     • Major smudges or stains on the metal / enamel

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